We’re a family of 4! We love to travel and live a life of fun, love, and adventure. Our current goal is to travel perpetually starting in 2020. We’ve done a year around the world before we had kids but one year was not enough!

We don’t know how we’ll achieve it but we’re saving, living frugally (but still enjoying life), and enjoying the time we have in this earth with family and friends!

Join us in our adventure as we plan our trip around the world with our two girls!

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About in 2012

We’re a couple addicted to travel. We’ve been to over 40 countries together and hope to continue to explore the world for the rest of our lives. When we’re not traveling, we live in the Bay Area (for now).

In addition to traveling, we love creating experiences for us and our friends. Wine tasting weekends, Tahoe getaways, or just a good get together with friends. We love to play tennis, ping pong, and soccer.

This blog initially started as a way to share our travels with our family during our round the world trip and also as an online journal so that when we’re older, we can look back and re-live some amazing moments. We continue to use as such but will expand to help motivate readers to travel and see the world!

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